Have a project for me? Then read below! If you like my work and you’re recruiting, my resume is here and you can send me an e-mail here.

1. Describe your project

Let me know what you want! Is it an illustration, re-branding, advertising? A personal website? If you own a company, what does it do? What are your objectives for this project? What styles, moods, and attitude do you want to convey to your audience?

2. Agree on a price

If contracting me for a freelance job, whether commercial or non-commercial, request a quote from me. I charge by the hour, the rate determined by what type of project you need. The total project estimate is based on the scope of the project, difficulty, and estimated time for completion. Hourly rates listed below:

Noncommercial Illustration    $25/hour
Commercial Illustration/Design    $30/hour
Website (Personal or Commercial)    $40/hour

 3.  Pay the advance

To ensure compensation for my time spent on a project, I require an upfront advance before beginning work. For noncommercial illustrations, the advance is 50% of the total commission cost. For commercial projects, this advance is 25% of the estimated quote. For websites, it’s a flat $250 and covers the first four hours of work. This advance will NOT be refunded if you cancel the project after the first rough. Please note that commercial projects might require a contract for both parties to sign in addition to the advance before I begin work.

You can pay me by check payable to Briana Higgins, or by PayPal. Mailing or PayPal account information will be given to you when I send you an invoice for the advance. Please note if you choose to pay me through PayPal, I will have to charge extra to cover the PayPal transaction fees.

4. Approve the rough

Whether an illustration or a graphic design project, I will create a rough draft/mockup of the project. This will be sent to you for review and approval. Major revisions for non-commercial illustrations are limited to two per picture. There is no limit for major revisions on commercial commissions. However, there may be additional charges if multiple major revisions are required, to compensate the time added to the project completion estimate. I will notify you of these charges before making the revisions, if they apply.

5. Review the progress

I keep in constant contact with my clients during the project, even past the rough stage, to ensure your project is what you’re looking for. Change your mind about colors or details after the project is making headway? Not a problem! Just keep me appraised of any revisions desired during each progress report.

6. Pay the final invoice

Once the project is complete, I will send you a final invoice for remaining payment. Final payment is required if I have completed your project, regardless of when and if you use my designs. Once I receive your final payment, I will send you high-resolution files and any other necessary documents for your project.

7. Enjoy your new product!