Epic Logos Drafts

epiclogosIllustrator CS6

Logo design drafts (prior to color choice) for a special program. They ended up not getting used, but I was fond enough of the designs as basic concepts to showcase here.

Commander of the Grey

commander-greyPhotoshop CS6

Legam Amell, Hero of Ferelden and Commander of the Grey circa 9:40 Dragon. Set somewhere between Dragon Age 2 and the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Courier Poster

thecourierIllustrator & Photoshop CS6

A mock movie poster emulating some old Western movie posters and the Art Deco-esque style similarly seen in the Fallout series. Specifically, this is my main Courier for Fallout: New Vegas.

Waracle Bridge Concept Art



Concept art for a personal project. A huge, 700-foot wide bridge that is approximately 50 miles long. This is just part of a half-mile segment.

Simon Says Inks

simon_pencil simon_inks

Illustrator CS6

Inking job created for issue 9 of Matthew Smith’s comic series Simon Says. Original pencils by Rebecca L. Fedun on the left, with my inks for the final comic page version on the right. Click images for larger view.

First time I ever did inking work for someone else’s art, and I had a lot of fun with it! Would love more opportunities to ink comic art in the future.

Casting Practices Infographic

Illustrator CS6

This is a personal project of mine. I’ve wanted to do a proper infographic for a while, but couldn’t think of good data amazing infographics hadn’t already been created for. Then, I thought of a cause I’m quite passionate about: equal opportunity for all races and both genders, especially as it relates to the entertainment industry. This subject has been brought up before by places like Racebending, but I’ve yet to see infographics on it. So, after a little research, I created one.