Prossia Glyph Font


Photoshop & InDesign CS6

A glyph alphabet font I created for Raphyel Jordan’s Prossia series. The entirety of the font is below:



Epic Logos Drafts

epiclogosIllustrator CS6

Logo design drafts (prior to color choice) for a special program. They ended up not getting used, but I was fond enough of the designs as basic concepts to showcase here.

Casting Practices Infographic

Illustrator CS6

This is a personal project of mine. I’ve wanted to do a proper infographic for a while, but couldn’t think of good data amazing infographics hadn’t already been created for. Then, I thought of a cause I’m quite passionate about: equal opportunity for all races and both genders, especially as it relates to the entertainment industry. This subject has been brought up before by places like Racebending, but I’ve yet to see infographics on it. So, after a little research, I created one.