Don’t Fear the Reapers

Illustrator CS5 & Photoshop CS5

Did this a few months ago before Mass Effect 3 came out. Been wanting to do a mock propaganda poster for a while now. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Kickstarts Poster

Photoshop and Illustrator CS5

Another conceptual ad, this one for a youth soccer training camp. A lot of work went into this one, including changing the position of the boy’s legs to balance him on the globe soccer ball. All photos used are from Stock Exchange.

Travel Brochure

traveljapanInDesign, Photoshop CS6

A conceptual travel brochure about Japan. Most of the work was created using InDesign, with a little bit of masking in Photoshop for the samurai photo.

Nerd Word Spread


Photoshop and InDesign CS5

A conceptual magazine page spread. I utilized Photoshop to edit stock photography and remove the man on the left from his original picture background. I also softened the edges to blend in better with the background, and added stubble to him. The layout itself was created completely in InDesign, using fonts such as Bitsubishi to compile an appropriate look for the article. The actual article is written by my friend, Drew Holt, an aspiring editor and proofreader. You can check out more of his writing here.

Just a Touch

Photoshop CS5

Inspired by Bioware’s Dragon Age 2 and the concept of a couple where one of them is not so used to the more affectionately simple aspects of a relationship just yet.